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Liftology is what our entire lives have been about. We are two passionate, driven and motivated individuals who love fitness, life, each other and have made our careers about helping other people. Coley is a USAF Veteran Firefighter, who continues to serve as a civilian Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for the military. He has an extensive background in fitness, self defense training and MMA. He specializes in boxing , Muay Thai and Jujitsu. Sarah is a NREMT Paramedic and has worked in the emergency medical field for over a decade. Her competitive sports background began at 12 years old and fitness and nutrition have always been a critical part of her life.

Our campaign is about launching Liftology and bringing our purpose in this world to life. We want to inspire, motivate and educate as many people as possible about the importance of health, fitness and living a meaningful life. We also believe that a little bit of fire and attitude can help get you started or push you on the days that you feel like giving up! The epidemic of obesity, heart disease and diabetes is a worldwide issue and it begins with breaking the generational cycle of the lack of knowledge about nutrition and overall health. If you can reach one person, inspire them, ignite that fire, spark that energy and give them the correct tools… it will spread. They will educate and push their loved ones, family and friends to do the same. We want to be a platform where people can get this basic knowledge and understanding and rock some kick ass gear that exemplifies individuality and personality while doing just that.


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